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Over 20 years of computer repair experience

Computer Services

NSI has over 20 years of computer repair experience which includes system builds, hardware diagnostics, hardware replacement or repair, software troubleshooting, system integration/automation and customization.

NSI prides itself in providing high quality work for the best price. We will estimate the cost and provide it to you up front via email, text or verbally so there’s no surprises. We’re honest and provide straight to the point answers to your questions. A common thread we hear from people we meet or potential customers is that they ask us about issues resurfacing with their current computer repair technician or IT provider. They tell us “it doesn’t seem that they are fixing the problem, especially if we have to keep calling them to come back”. Unfortunately some computer repair businesses work this way and don’t provide quality service. NSI will seek root cause analysis of the issue. We’ll fix the foundational items first before proceeding to the symptoms. In addition, we’ll provide recommendations to increase your systems reliability, increase performance and extend the life of the system overall.

In this connected world, we understand that when your computers are down, things aren’t getting done. This can bring stress and other problems along with it like missing deadlines for work, school, business, bills or not being able to process email or perform banking transaction just to name a few. We can help with these issues by implementing best practices and providing solutions that will minimize downtime and increase reliability.

Computer Services

Please contact us for any questions you may have about our services. Also, ask us about our Customer Loyalty Program (CLP) which can save you money on every purchase.